Why Are Black Cats Considered Bad Luck?


Go to any store selling Halloween decorations and I guarantee will see a black cat looking scary somewhere. Have you ever wondered what the deal is? Why are cats 'bad luck' and associated with Halloween?  

Turns out, black cats were considered a symbol of bad omens or being part of the which family. They claimed witches transformed themselves into black cats in order to prowl streets unobserved. So unless you still consider witchcraft a thing or believe humans can change themselves into animals then you can stop believing black cats are bad luck. That age old tale is over and they actually are even considered lucky in Australia and a few other countries.  

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

Here are some amazing black cat facts that will most hopefully change your view on this so-called 'spooky' pet!

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

1. They can  rust. 

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

Well, if they sit in the sun too long their fur changes to a reddish dark brown. They  call this 'rusting'. It usually goes back to normal black once the cat's melanin levels return to normal levels. This likely happens with outdoor cats or window lovers.

2. They are super cats.

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

According to research, black cats tend to have a higher resiliency against illness and diseases.

3. They have fire eyes.

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

These cats have so much melanin that it causes their irises to be golden/yellow! 

4. They are not bad luck! 

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

Hug a black cat this month ! 


why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts


  • Teresa Rector

    I love tuxedos….such interesting personalities and long lives!. I adore black cats and have always collected their image. I knew God loved me when He gave me a football team with a black cat mascot! Go Panthers!

  • Ellen Hobbs

    I run a cat rescue out of my home been doing it for 16 years right now most of the cats i take care of are black .I love their shiney coat and there. Golden eyes we have a newbie its a Burmese cat and hes a real lover someone dropped him off so now ill be getting him fixed and finding him a for ever home might be here lol .Ive had over 310 cats fixed and i feed 30 so im still on a role but my fav cats are maine coons and all black cats

  • Heather

    Came across this little poem recently, not sure of the author though. Really sums up my and other lovers of All cats, especially beautiful black ones =^..^=
    I took in a feral black cat severla years ago (been abandoned initially) took ages to gain his trust, but one day he just walked inside and curled up purring non stop! I Loved my dear Jackson for nine more years. Had the sweetest nature and was so smoochy. From his early bad start in life, he got quite sick at times, but always bounced back. Had one eye and no teeth after a few years, but was a real trooper and never complained. Miss him dearly every day.
    Hope you like the poem 8-)

    Black Cats

    I am the Black Furred cat ~ No evil is within

    I am the same as other cats ~ Underneath my skin

    Please help me to dispel ~ This bad luck myth I bear

    Not just for me I pray but ~ For Black Cats everywhere

  • Emily

    Several years back, a little stray came in my yard. It took me a while to notice him, he was all black. His name is Simba. So adorable! He loves to head butt and lays next to me or on my lap. His front legs are a little shorter than the back so he has the cutest walk. In the sun, his fur looks deep chocolate brown. It’s not easy to get a good picture of him. I can’t imagine my life without him.

    I once had a young girl tell me black cats are evil. “Oh really?” I told her, “That’s not true. You have black hair, are you evil?” She said “No.” “Well neither are they. Their hair just happened to be black just like yours.”.

  • Heather W.

    I’ve owned nothing but black cats… except for one Siamese . I’ve had Elvis ( my first ) , Cash and June ( the absolute sweetest girl ) now I have Loretta , Conway and Levon. As long as I live , I’ll only own black cats.

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