Why Are Black Cats Considered Bad Luck?


Go to any store selling Halloween decorations and I guarantee will see a black cat looking scary somewhere. Have you ever wondered what the deal is? Why are cats 'bad luck' and associated with Halloween?  

Turns out, black cats were considered a symbol of bad omens or being part of the which family. They claimed witches transformed themselves into black cats in order to prowl streets unobserved. So unless you still consider witchcraft a thing or believe humans can change themselves into animals then you can stop believing black cats are bad luck. That age old tale is over and they actually are even considered lucky in Australia and a few other countries.  

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

Here are some amazing black cat facts that will most hopefully change your view on this so-called 'spooky' pet!

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

1. They can  rust. 

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

Well, if they sit in the sun too long their fur changes to a reddish dark brown. They  call this 'rusting'. It usually goes back to normal black once the cat's melanin levels return to normal levels. This likely happens with outdoor cats or window lovers.

2. They are super cats.

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

According to research, black cats tend to have a higher resiliency against illness and diseases.

3. They have fire eyes.

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

These cats have so much melanin that it causes their irises to be golden/yellow! 

4. They are not bad luck! 

why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts

Hug a black cat this month ! 


why are black cats bad luck? Meowingtons black cat facts


  • Isabella

    A very rough looking black cat showed up in my back garden and would cautiously lounge about and watch the comings and goings of our family but never could be coaxed for a visit. Eventually, I sat out a bowl of food for her and she would cautiously come to eat it but of course, if you made the least movement she would run. I would sit and speak gently to her as she ate and she eventually let me pet her! She was really mangy and dirty and appeared to have a broken tail as when I lifted it up, it wouldn’t stay. But she loved the food and the attention and it got to be a daily thing for her to come have some food and pettins from me. That is, until the neighbourhood alpha female, Chloe, decided that Bastet was still too close to her patch and ran her off :( I was afraid to know what may have happened to poor Bastet but one day a black cat stopped in her tracks beside my window. She sat and looked up and I talked to her. Eventually she walked away and this kitty walked away, dragging her tail behind her. I knew it was Bastet! She did look cleaner and healthier so I surmise that she has a family to care for her now. She is one lucky little black cat, indeed!

  • Emily

    I have the cutest booba named Simba. He showed up in my yard. I think he was about 4 months old. I didn’t notice him for a long time. He was always back in the brush and you couldn’t see him. I thought something was there. One day I was peering around the corner of a raised bed. He was doing the same thing!

    I started talking to him. One day I called him, he came, butted against my leg and stayed there! When I moved, he moved with me. His front legs are shorter than the back so he has the cutest walk. He loves to sit in my lap and lays next to me at night. He’s a bit pudgy but so lovable. I can’t imagine him not being in my life. I will now always have a black kitty in my household!

  • Mary

    A book about time traveling CATS!

  • Andrew Rolls
    In the UK they are they are considered to be lucky, but that is if they cross your path.

    I can remember trying to cross the path of black cats when I was a youngster, fondly thinking that this counted as them having crossed MY path! ? agr

  • Marissa Haight

    I am loving all of these stories. I have a black cat and she is my baby. I see her as if she were my child. A friend of mine found her in her garage at about 4-5 weeks old trapped under a lot of stuff, no mommy, no food. This was in the beginning of July last year, she called all of the shelters around our area and none of them would take her because it’s was too close to Halloween. And it was July!!! So I adopted her. Her name is Gemma. She is such a savage and I love her for that. My fiancé gets so mad because he will be petting her and all I have to do is tab my chest once and she comes right over and sleeps on my belly all night. He says he has never seen a bond between a cat and its owner like he’s seen with Gemma and I. I worry now with it being Halloween about Gemma being outside. I try to keep her in but she loves it outside so much. A friend of mine who worked at an animal hospital was hiking once in the woods and came across 10 pillowcases hanging from the trees, all filled with black cats that had been beaten. Breaks my heart how people could do that.

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