25 Stocking Stuffers For Cat Lovers That Are Too Cute To Resist December 06 2021, 2 Comments

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Don't purr-crastinate on finding that special stocking stuffer for your favorite cat lover - especially when you can shop up to 70% OFF our extended Cyber Week sales! Plus, get an EXTRA 20% off reduced prices with code: 'CYBER21' (exclusions may apply).
Are you ready to knock the socks off your family and friends? We've compiled a list that is stuffed full of fabulously feline stocking stuffers that would make the purrfect gift for any cat lover. Because good things come in small packages!

1. Milton's Catnip Wine for Cats - $23.00 ($25)

It's not drinking alone if the cat's at home! Milton's Cat Wine Pawty Pack is non-alcoholic and made only with organic ingredients right here in the USA.


2. Diamond Cat Earrings. - $7.50 ($15)

For the girl whose BFFs are diamonds. And cats. 

Via _gochloego_, Instagram


3. Kitty Hippie Sunglasses - $7.00 ($10)

Instagram will thank you!




4. Clowder Cat Chiffon Scarf - $5.00 ($24)

For the feline fashionista. Available in 3 color options.


5. Spiral Cat Ring - $5.00 ($18) 

For the "accessorizer." 


6. The Mouse Hunt Cat Toy - $20 ($38)

This phone app-controlled cat toy the perfect way to play with your kitty when you've over-indulged in the turkey feast (a common holiday occurrence) and you can't get up to play with your cat. You can play right from your couch! This mouse. is completely controlled via your smartphone and will satisfy your cat's natural hunting instincts.


7. Crowded Cats Phone Case* - $4.80 ($15)

For the chronic texter. 

*Available in multiple iPhone and Samsung models. 


8. Glow-in-the-Dark Wiggly Bouncy Balls (3 Pack) - $16.95

For the cat lover who loves to treat their cats!

9. Shit Together Phone Case - $4.80 ($15)

For the person who's tryin' to get it together, obviously!

*Available in multiple iPhone and Samsung models. 


10. Lucky Cat Ears Ring - $5.00 ($18)

For the lover of all things kawaii. 



11. Sphynx Cat Ring - $5.00 ($17)

For the playful.

sphynx wraparound cat ring


12. Winking Cat Liner Socks - $5.00 $8

Who says shoes get to have all the fun? 


13. Crystal Paw Print Bracelet - $5.00 ($15)

14. Crystal Paw Print Ring - $5.00 ($15)

 What would be a little bling without a matching ring? 

 rose gold crystal paw print ring

15. Throw Pillow Covers: $10 - $15 ($25)

For the cat lover that loves to redecorate!

le chat pillow case cover



16. Squishy Cat Accessory - $3.00 ($5)

For someone in need of a bit of stress relief - or a fun fiddle toy! 



17. Floral Garden Cat Headband - $10.00 ($15)

For the cat lover that wants to add a bit of whimsy to their look!


18. Milton’s Cat Butt Dad Hat - $10.00 ($15)

Dad hats aren't just for dads anymore! 



19. Enamel Cat Pins - $7.00 ($10)

The purrfect gift for the pin collector! 


20. Dangling Cat Pendant Necklace - $5.00 ($10)

For the purr-son who wants just a touch of the feline to their everyday look.


21. Black Cat Pattern Socks - $5.00 ($10)

What better stocking stuffer than a pair of cute cat socks?


22. Limited Edition Silk Bandana Scarf Set - $20.00 ($25)

Introducing the Meowingtons Limited Edition Silk Bandana Scarf Set! This set includes three silk bandana scarves, one of each of our unique cat patterns exclusive to Meowingtons: Dancing Cats, Floral Cat, and Space Cats.

Crafted from 100% silk, our luxurious cat print bandanas are the purr-fect way for cat lovers to accessorize this summer, with a bandana to match any mood!

23. Cat Print Neck Gaiter Bundle + 9 PM2.5 Filters - $7.00 ($25)

Designed for lightweight comfort, breathability, and ultimate versatility, each Cat Print Neck Gaiter can be worn over 9 different ways: as a headband, scarf, face mask with filter pocket, neck gaiter, bracelet, and more! 

24. Cat Eye Necklace  $5.00 ($10.00)

For the cat lover who knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

25. Paw Print Cat Earrings - $5.00 ($10.00)

These paw print earrings purrfectly capture the round jellybean toes that make cat paws so adorable. Who doesn’t love some good toe beans?! 

silver paw print earrings cat paw earrings