13 Adorable Black Cats To Bring You Good Luck This Friday 13th


As the old (and completely untrue) saying goes, "It's bad luck if a black cat crosses your path." On Friday the 13th (and Halloween) the negative hype around black cats and their bringing "bad luck" only intensifies. Unfortunately, this baseless negative association with bad luck can mean that black cats are less likely to be adopted than cats with different fur colors.

With millions of homeless cats in the U.S., many of them black-furred, we think it’s about time for this silly superstition to skedaddle. In fact, did you know that in many cultures across the world, black cats are actually considered good omens, whether it be blessing a ship for safe passage or bringing good luck to a bride on her wedding day? So this Friday the 13th, we're bringing you some lucky black cats and celebrating our inkiest of felines looking completely adorable! 

1. This little kitty has a LOT to say about people calling her "bad luck"! 

2. How can something this cute be bad luck? 


3. This lovely lady wants to show off her delicate murder mittens:



4. These miniature voids have the CUTEST bleps.



5. They can change colors in the sun!  

Photo: Wesley_the_pirate_cat


6. I mean, just listen to her tiny little squeaks and peeps, blessing you with good luck! 

A post shared by Mikita (@chicagoblackcat) on



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7. Part squid, part cat, all cute! 

Photo: Chicagoblackcat


8. How about another squeaky unique meow to bless your day?




9. World's smallest man in 1956, Henry Behrens, dancing with his black cat! 

10. Avo-CAT-o (alternatively, avogato!)

Photo: Willowthesquishycat


11.  To be or not to be? Cat is the question. 

12. How can something this cute be bad luck? Simple: It can't be!


13.  This Le Chat Noir knows he's king of the couch. 

Photo: Instagram


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  • Ronnie Corral

    I had two BeautIiful Black Persians who passed and Broke my Heart. Priscilla and Tabitha. Scilla crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2016 at the age of almost 19. I lost Tabitha on April 20th at the age of almost 17. I recently added two additions who are only one week apart.Bella is my Bombay, Noir’ part Abyssianian. They’re now 5 most old.

  • Marg Love

    Our little girl Ele was rescued out of a hotel dump. She fit in palm of my hand. 10 months later she is fat and sassy and the only cat I’ve owned that always comes running when called. Her personality is much more like a dog’s.

  • Barbara Garcia

    The pictures & tapes are all so cute!

    I have a pure black shorthair named Dark Star. He sounds like he has laryngitis. This just started one day out of the blue. I called the vet and asked if cats could get laryngitis and she said yes, but it could be other things also so she had me bring him in. They checked all sorts of things including down his throat with a scope, but they, luckily, couldn’t find anything bad. He seems to be continuing to live just fine – he is over 12.

  • Tamei

    I have 2 solid Black Cats -BruceLee & Lucky’13
    BruceLee came to me when a girl I knew called & asked if I had wanted a male BlackCat as he and his mom were about to be taped in a box and thrown in a dumpster!?(not by her)
    He is now a beautiful 8yr old & Lucky came into our life the next year when her feral Mom didn’t get to come back from scouting.. All her other siblings got furever homes too! Love with my life!!!

  • Janet Johnson

    These posts are absolutely adorable! Love all the gatitos. I used to have a black cat rescued named Suzi. Unfortunately she had mouth cancer but we were lucky to have her for about 4 years.

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