Yoga Cats Pet Safe Incense

Yoga Cats Pet Safe Incense
Yoga Cats Pet Safe Incense

Yoga Cats Pet Safe Incense

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Create a serene, calming environment that you and your pets can enjoy with this fresh, relaxing pet safe fragrance—featuring an irresistible blend of white floral Jasmine, sheer musk notes, and creamy vanilla for depth and soothing warmth. Whether practicing daily yoga with cats or looking to freshen up a room after a stinky litter box scoop sesh, this blend of bright and delicate aromas is a purr-fect choice.

PET-FRIENDLY AROMAS. Many common essential oils and fragrances contain harmful irritants to cats and dogs. These include but are not limited to tea tree (melaleuca), eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, pine, cinnamon, and clove - to name a few. Working closely with fragrance experts, GONESH has crafted pet safe incense sticks that do not contain fragrances known as irritants to cats and dogs, making them ideal to use around our furry family members. 

PREMIUM MATERIALS. Each incense stick is crafted using the highest quality charcoal for the purest, cleanest burn and hand-dipped to ensure maximum fragrance absorption. Yoga Cats Pet Safe Incense are made in Chicago, Illinois, USA, using fair-trade labor and environmentally friendly practices, including green energy initiatives with solar power.

As with people, pets may react differently to certain fragrances. Keep your pets safe by burning incense in a well-ventilated area, and observe your pet's behavior for any changes when using it for the first time.


• Contains 20 incense sticks
• Made in Chicago, Illinois, USA
• Crafted using fair-trade labor and environmentally friendly practices
• Pet-friendly aromas do not contain any known irritants to cats and dogs
• Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry.

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