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    Cat Themed Clearance

    "The master accuses me of scratching the furniture. So, here I am, all set to save his phone from scratches" – Love Meow.

    Every bang and drop damages your phone from within. This makes a phone case a must-have for every hoomin with a cell phone. With cute cases like these, there is no reason to have scratches on your expensive smart phones and iPhones. offers a large variety of whimsical and adorable phone cases that not only protect your phone but also add a little purrsonality! The Creeper cat, Fish Kiss, Kiki and Mio phone cases are available for your smart phones. For all the iPhone 6/6s users, there are two special designs exclusively for you: The Moon Cat phone case featuring two adorable kitties staring at the moon, and the Top of the Apple phone case with three playful kitties trying to reach for the apple.

    We also offer phone charms in the shape of cats. Our phone cat plugies can simply be plugged into your phone's jack and each kitty paw-mises to keep your phone purr-fectly safe!

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