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    Cat plugy

    Every cat lover out there would love to keep their kitties with them at all times. But as we all know, most cats won't walk on leash and are likely not welcome at most of your frequented establishments. You can now fulfill that fantasy with the cat plugies, available at Plugies are a phone accessory that can be plugged into the earphone jack of your phones, iPods, laptops, and other devices. The plugies available at provide you with a cat companion that will accompany you wherever you go.

    The collection of cat plugies features the many moods your cat has over the course of one day. Each plugy comes in a unique color to match the each kitty. The playful kitties in our collection are sure to put a smile on your face as they simply couldn't be any cuter. Peaches, Peanut, and Pickle are always seen playing with their balls of yarn. However, the angry Pepper cat phone plugy will make sure that no one dares to touch your phone without your permission.

    There are a few plugies in the collection are plugged in the earphone jack in a way that seems as if the kitty is sleeping peacefully at the top of your phone. Although your cat at home may not do that for very long, these kitties will pawmise to do just that. If you are looking for a set of plugies that allows you to switch it up according to your mood, we have those too!

    Cat plugies are a great way to add a little fun to your regular everyday belongings. Get one or more of these as they are a simple way to add cute details to your devices!

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