What Will You Get in 2024?



  • sarah

    Pets Money and somethimg else

  • STC

    Food, Pet and Money??
    I mean i’m a foodie, true
    … I have 2 cats… how am i getting another XD
    Money. Wow. I’m not even a teenager and i’m getting MONEY?!

  • Mary

    I found blessing, food and kitten. It is a blessing indeed to provide kittens with food through donations to our shelters, rescues and sanctuaries. Do what you can with what you have for all beings. You will be blessed 🙌

  • Michelle

    Pets, car and puppy.

    Well, the pets part is fantastic, but I love my car. Still, I wouldn’t turn down a new one. 😁

    Puppy? Well, as long as I have the cat I do (my little grand old man, as I call him – he’s about 16 and doing well), no other animal shall be part of my home. But maybe a good friend will get one and I’ll be able to spend time with that baby pooch? 🤔

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