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    My family had a cat that loved to be “spanked” or beaten like that so much that he wouldn’t even eat his food unless you stood right by him on the counter and “whooped” him the whole time he ate.

    This was never a problem until one day he got sick and had to go to the Vet. I can’t remember what was wrong with him now, but I do remember that Mouse had to stay more than a day at the Vet’s office. When we called to ask for an update on our boy, the Vet told us he was doing better, but they couldn’t let him come home yet, because he wasn’t eating at all.

    Not thinking of how it would sound to a stranger, my mother told him, “You have to beat him while he eats.” She tried to explain that it was really just “love-patting” the cat, but the Vet was alarmed enough by what Mom had said that he wanted us to come right down to his office. He took us into his back area where pet patients were kept, to see our Mouse. (I think he wanted to gage how our cat would react to seeing us all of a sudden.)

    When Mouse saw & heard us, he perked up immediately, and began meowing and purring, and rubbing up against the bars of his cage, looking totally happy to see us, so the Vet finally relented, and let us take Mouse home. I don’t know if he ever really did understand us for saying that Mouse LOVED to be “beaten” when he ate, but at least he saw for himself that Mouse loved us and was very happy to see us, so that was proof that we weren’t abusing our cat!

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