Litter Box Racing



  • Juanita

    This is exactly how I feel with my current kitty as she manages to get the litter at least 3-4 feet outside of the box!!! My prior kitty had a peculiar method of burying: she does the litter, all 3 sides of the litter box and the litter box ceiling!!!! Why the ceiling?? Only she knows but she wouldn’t tell me!!😸😻

  • Katt Washedai

    YES! All of this!

  • MissHilary

    Not just you. Our cats, too. They even scratch the side of the box hoping they can bury using plastic as they don’t actually want to touch the sand. Or they don’t bother buryng at all. Of course that last one might be my fault, I do find myself shooing them away when they are scratching for longer than 15 minutes trying to “burying” it. The sand they throw does everywhere but to their target (that is when they don’t skip the sand and go straight for the plastic). The endless stratching drives me up the wall!

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