Kiss A Ginger Day



  • Dorothea Herbert

    I love all three of my girls ,they all have a different attitude my cat name Kennedy she does not like to be picked I always grab her and let her know she’s loved even if I have to pick her up and shower. My cat name Stacy is very shy she loves to cuddle up in your lap and let you know that she loves you so much and she gets a lot of love ❤️ And lastly my cat name is Shakira she’s very Smart For her own she likes to be picked up she likes to be hugged and kissed on her can’t go a day without it and she will let you know. One thing they all have in common The liike come in in the bathroom and they sit right there until I’m done. But most of all I am so happy there in my life.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Michelle Knowles

    I kissed my ginger fuzz butt Dublin this morning & afternoon, & I’ll kiss him this evening before I go to work. Dubby is a kitty who gets lots & lots of kisses, & most of the time he loves it. 🤗😻

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