Game: Can You Spot The Smiling Millie?


Scroll down for the answer key!

Spot the smiling cat

Answer Key:

Spot the smiling cat answer key


  • Layla Riley

    Found it in 5 seconds! I’m not very surprised though because I’m usually pretty good at these kind of games

  • Cute Rating

    OMG this is adorable! 10/10 for real!

  • Michelle

    I also found the smiling Millie fairly quickly.

    She’s so purrty!

  • Woodie Sayles

    I found two of them! The one in the key and the one right above that one. Look at the eyebrows on every other Millie. They are all frowning except the two I mentioned.

  • Meg

    Millie is such a sweetheart! Even though she’s grumpy!! <3

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