Can You Spot All 8 Differences in 60 Seconds?


Scroll down for the answer key! :3




Answer Key:


  • Layla Riley

    Found 6 in 60 seconds! Took me about 10 seconds to find another, but I just couldn’t see the wrinkle on the couch under Millie. Took me about 10 seconds per difference

  • Xavier

    oml im blind- i couldngt fine any! at least some of yall found at least one!

  • Avylon Boehme

    I found four. I am so surprised that I didn’t see the others! But just like Michelle said, good ol’ hindsight!!!

  • Paul

    I found 5 in 60 seconds. Found two others in about 5 minutes, and needed help with the last one. sigh

  • Michelle

    Thanks for including the key. I found six of the differences, but just could not find the last two. Now that I know the answers, though, of course I’m kicking myself for not seeing those two. Good ol’ hindsight!!🤣🤣

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