This Custom-Built Luxury Cat Lounge Is The Cat's Meow


Most cat owners know the harsh reality of the fickleness of our felines;  when you buy furniture specifically for your cat, they happily abandon it in favor of the box it came in. And yet we still want to lavish the luxuries of household life upon them, and some cats, if not most cats, are actually grateful for these seemingly extravagant comforts. 

Take these lucky cats, for instance, who are really living it up in the lap of luxury after their owners commissioned a luxury cat lounge, specifically so the cats could get some "cat time" away from the family's new puppy.  

While this luxury cat room is a bit above and beyond the call of your everyday cat owner, we can still admire the intense design and architecture that went into this creation. 


Designed by Taiwan-based design firm, INDOT, the room was custom-built to be a blend of cat enrichment and architecture - a blend that is becoming quite the trend, called "catitecture." This room is an example of modern design meets the modern cat lover! The room is constructed of wood and glass and is mounted onto a recessed wall, supported by hidden metal rods - giving the illusion that the room floats amidst the modern living room. 


Perhaps the crown jewel of this modern cat condo is the glass box that overlooks the balcony, giving the cats a full view of the world outside the apartment, with ample opportunity to watch passerby of the bird kind.  

These artfully placed wooden ports and several wooden slats provide proper ventilation.

A scratching post that runs floor to ceiling, platforms and hideaway boxes provide plenty of room and stimulation for the cats. 


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  • Fi

    Like a goldfish bowl for cats. Horrible and unkind

  • JK

    Pleasing to the eye, but most cats I know would hate being on display in a case such as this. No true cat lover would do this to their feline friend. There are no soft areas to lounge and an aging cat would find navigating such surfaces daunting. If you must have your cats locked away, best to let them stay in a bedroom with food and water than this little hellhole.

  • Lidia

    Please, send the size & price. Thank you!

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