What The Fluff Challenge, Meow With Cats!

You might have seen the latest viral video craze, the What The Fluff Challenge, which consists of humans bamboozling their dogs. The concept is simple: the human stands behind a blanket, and when it drops, they disappear. And the Good Boys don't know how to react! That's right, even the very best good boys are getting heckin' bamboozled. Well, it didn't take long for us cat lovers to get in on the mischief-making. Here are our top favs of the What The Fluff Challenge with cats!  

In classic cat fashion, some cats played it cool.


Pretending not to have a care in the world ...

(The woman's expression at the end is all of us.)   

#WHATtheFLUFF challenge with the least concerned cat....Only effort given was a half hearted meow! pic.twitter.com/f0VjeIPszp



Other kitties were a bit more perturbed.


And tried their hardest to find their humans.


Some cats didn't handle the surprise too well.




"Ok, human! You can come out meow!"  


"Where'd you go? Who's going to feed me?!"

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Bonus: This cockatoo unable to handle his beloved human disappearing! 


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