Before and After Photos of Rescued Cats Shows What Love Can Do

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The bond between a cat and its person is unique, powerful, and inspiring: truly a thing to behold.

That is why the Meowingtons team welcomes you to take a look at Cats.Club, where we celebrate all things cat.

Cats Club is a community driven by our love for cats and a determination to help cats find their forever homes. Help us help cats in need of adoption all over the world by sharing their profiles, pictures, and stories to Cats Club. Adopt don't shop! 

Below are some of the stories that inspired us at Cats.Club to try and give as many cats as possible the second chance at life they deserve.


The Trials of Trinity the Tripod Cat: “Other people passed [her] by because she wasn't a "whole cat."”
tripod cat trinity rescue cat
Source: Reddit / Raveynfyre

A Cat Named Sue, How Do You Do?
animal rescue near me cat rescue
Source: Reddit / ambr333

Hurrah for Mr. Humph!
humphrey before and after adoption
Source: Reddit / alanpmartin
Meet Moz: From greaseball to fluffball.
moz uplifting news
Source: Reddit / 10124268
Fostered kitty with a plethora of health issues is now happy and healthy.
inspiring cat stories
Source: Reddit / CaptainJacksSocks
Meet Mr. Bitters, rescued from a puddle: “From drowned rat to fat cat.”
cute kittens
Source: Reddit / witchling_22
“Kittens aren't the only cats that need homes!”
adopt a cat near me
Source: Reddit / Kreetan
“Silas’ two-year transformation!”
Source: Reddit / durhurtrip
“Amélie today, 6 years old, happy and healthy.”
Source: Reddit / F-this
What a difference even just a week of TLC can make.
foster cat foster parenting
Source: Reddit
Say “aloha” to Amira: “From skittish shelter cat to demanding diva.”
maine coon cat
Source: Reddit / aishiterubananafish
“My 13-year-old pirate cat, Emilia Largo.”
one eyed cat senior cat
Source: Reddit / Vignetteoftide
“My rescue Kitty, Brimley. I can’t believe he’s the same cat.”
persian cat
Source: Reddit / TheFunkyMonk
“Meet Tommy, found on the street poisoned. After lots of love and care, he is perfectly healthy … and part of our family.”
tom and jerry
Source: Reddit / gonepop
“Little's Adoption: From the half of a bonded pair that was left behind at the shelter to happy snuggle cat!”
bonded pair bonded cats
Source: Reddit / Firetheliel
“Eight years ago, Benny was a shy, sick boy in a shelter and nearing his last chance to find a forever home. But now he's blossomed into a friendly, loving cat that I can't imagine life without.”
ben hur adult cat




 “[Kitters] is truly the most wonderful cat I have ever met.” Source: Reddit / christaf


"Ben was the saddest cat on the Internet."


Source: Reddit / BenBenCatCat


"Kamara, the stray turned lapcat."

Source: Reddit / markrichtsspraytan


Do you have an inspiring story or some before and after photos you want to share of your rescue kitty? Share your stories with us at Cats.Club!



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  • Shahla

    What the difference the love and attention can make for all these lucky cats!
    I wish they all could have this kind of transformations!
    All they are asking from us to love them and protect them !
    In return they make your lives so rich and full of blessings !

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