What Do Cats Do All Day?


Find out what your cats get their paws into while you’re at work.


Start the day out right with a self-motivational pep talk.



Gonna do it! Gonna climb the tallest thing! … Now what?



I know: Sleep!



Maybe indulge in a post-nap snack.



Perhaps even a quick post-snack nap.



Hide favorite toys under the couch for later cataloging.



Stare into space and contemplate what it truly means to be “cat.” Narrowly avoid an existential crisis of epic proportions.



Sleep it off.




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Get that beauty regimen on lock.



Practice for when they’re Instafamous.




Plot the downfall of the neighbor’s dog (the one who always calls them fat).



Raid the human’s drawers and steal their socks: Only one sock from each pair, though, so they don’t get suspicious.



Try to make friends with the crazy neighbors.



Protect the house from infiltrators.



Write a scathing review on their blog about that “plenty of fishies” site not having any fish at all.


Search for the secret stash of goods.


Enjoy the secret stash of goods.


Clean up the evidence.


Make sure still fits in favorite sits.



Prepare to show human how much they were missed!



meowingtons cat accessories cat memes cat ears rings cat earrings


  • Brenda M Beasley

    Oh my goodness….I can’t tell you what a blessing these precious pictures have been to me today….I have smiled and smiled since I looked at the first one! Thank you (and all these precious babies) for making a dreary day so much brighter! #LoveMeowingtons

  • jmuhj

    It’s all true, you know!

  • Debra Lawson

    This is so cute – and at my house (and I’m sure others) – very true! Thanks for making my day!

  • kat

    love them all makes my day

  • Suzanne
    Now I know where everything goes to, During the night one of my cats SHADOW goes down stairs and brings up the dogs toys to her bed ,oh yes she has very little room to sleep in it but she is quite happy with them until we take some back it ,and the dog wants to know where they been ;=]]]

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