We're Back With Even More 'Murder Mittens' Appreciation!


If there is one thing we can't get enough of, it's cats (obviously). And more specifically, cat paws. It's hard to describe why cat paws are so adorable. They're soft. Squishy. Sometimes it looks like they have kitty cankles. But beneath those squishy toe beans and soft fluff, cat paws are also deadly WMDs - weapons of mouse destruction. Murder mittens. And we're here to appreciate them in all their deadly adorable glory! 


1. Launch sequence initiated. Deploying in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...


2. Daisy and her biscuit makers:



Ps. Daisy is available for adoption at the Good Luck Cat Cafe in Fort Lauderdale, FL! Meowingtons is sponsoring her adoption fee to help her find her forever home! You can find more information about her here


3. There's something suspicious about these mitts:


4. The beans are coming in nicely this year.



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5. And these itty bitty tater tot toe beans:

Via Reddit


6. And these needy beans:

Via Reddit


7. Introducing Ingrid and her little chicken feet:

Via Reddit


8. And these murder mittens showcasing their chair-scratching crimes:

Via Reddit


9. These jazzy murder mittens:



10. And these incredibly fluffy mean beans:


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  • Derek Sun


  • Barbara Philleo

    When my older sister was little, she was given a fluffy kitten to hold. Suddenly, or so Mom’s story goes, my sister made a wide-eyed declaration about its paws: “There’s something in there that hurts!”

  • Tamara Lomire

    Great selection of pictures! Ingrid is exceptionally lovely with her chicken feet!

  • Linda Ann Key

    I love these little toe beans and murder mits! They are amazing and deadly to my shoulder and my furniture

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