Watch What Happens When a Battle-Scarred Feral Cat Meets Tiny Kittens May 17 2017, 10 Comments


This is Mason. Or as he's been affectionately renamed, Grandpa Mason. 


feral cat grandpa mason


Mason is an "ancient, battle-scarred" feral cat that was taken in as part of a local TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program. Mason was rescued from his life on the streets by Tinykittens, a nonprofit organization in British Columbia.

His battle-worn appearance, permanent scowl and old, tattered ears speak to a harsh life spent on the streets. Upon further examination, Mason was found to have a severely infected paw, abscesses in his teeth, and advanced kidney disease, which, unfortunately, means Grandpa Mason has months, not years.

"Instead of euthanasia, we felt he deserved to live his sunset months in comfort, free from pain," writes Tinykittens on their Facebook page. 


feral cat rescue trap neuter release


Mason was the definition of feral; Any attempt to pet him was met with the only response a feral cat knows, fear and aggression.


feral cat grandpa mason


But thanks to Tinykittens and their team of caring foster parents, Mason, who would likely have been euthanized at a shelter, has begun adjusting to a life inside his forever foster home.  


grandpa mason tnr feral


But that's not what makes this cantankerous grandcat's story so very remarkable. When his rescuers introduced him to a litter of foster kittens in need of some paws-on TLC, they never expected Mason to react the way he did.



He seems to have fallen in love with the kittens, sweetly cuddling up to them and protecting them from danger. Watch Grandpa Mason's big, protective paw wrap around tiny Scrammy to keep him safe from the big, yellow "sky snake." 



The kittens bring a more youthful, energetic side out in the cantankerous old tabby, who will live out his sunset months in a loving, happy environment.  (I keep waiting for him to chase the kittens and yell, "Get off my lawn, you whippersnappers!")