WATCH: Kitten sprints across baseball field, inspires grand slam


On August 10, major league baseball players were served a furry fastball special when a kitten sprinted onto the field. 

cat baseball field


Whether this kitten was a die-hard Cardinals fan trying to distract the Royals and help the Cards make it to the World Series or just a lost little stray that got a bit turned around, the little tabby became an instant sports sensation as he bolted across the field. He was quickly given the name "Rally Cat" by the Cardinals and their fans. 

rally cat baseball cat


The spooked kitten trotted past the Royals' center fielder, Lorenzo Cain, who looked on with a bemused smile as a member of the grounds crew came to scoop up the kitten.

The feisty little tabby had other plans, though, and proved that he had claws and he knew how to use 'em! 


rally cat baseball cat

After the cat was scooped up by grounds crew, he was unfortunately released outside one of the stadium's gates. But as fans began asking about Rally Cat's whereabouts, a volunteer cat rescue organization, St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach, sprang into action and helped rescue the scared kitten. Fortunately, they caught him just a day later.

feral cat rescue rally cat

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Rally Cat was caught in one of the several traps the Feral Cat Outreach uses as part of their TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) Program.

"We are pretty confident that this is Rally Cat,” said Savannah Rigley, a board member with St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach.  “This is cat-nerd stuff, but Rally Cat is a classic tabby, which is very rare, and last night we found a classic tabby kitten right where Rally Cat was last seen.”


Rally Cat has quickly become an Internet sensation and is seen as the Cards' good-luck charm. He's even got his own t-shirts, and the proceeds will benefit Rally and The St Louis Feral Cat Outreach!

rally cat baseball cat


Check out the video below of Rally Cat in action.



The kitten was pointed out by Cardinals catcher, Yadier Molina, almost mirroring Babe Ruth. And thanks to Rally Cat (according to some superstitious fans), Molina, much like Babe Ruth, even went on to hit a grand slam. 

It's no wonder that the lucky kitten has caught the heart of baseball fans. Rally Cat even has his own hashtag now! 

rally cat fans


Rally Cat is currently living up his 15-minutes at the shelter that rescued him and is still awaiting adoption. The Cardinals team offered to adopt him, but as of yet, the rescue team has not decided what would be the best home for the rambunctious little kitten.  

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  • Barbara Dorlaque

    He wasn’t released out into the street. A woman claimed he was hers and took him from the ticket booth were he had been placed. She is the one who lost him. The group placed traps where he was last seen and immediately captured him.

  • FelineCool

    Poor terrified kitten! Some fool obviously released the kitten to the field, then he gets tossed out on the street! What is wrong with thee men! So glad humane hearts took action & kitten is safe. Then the team claims glory by exploiting kitten’s image & story. Grrrr…

  • Susan D.

    I just hope someone steps up to the plate and gives Rally Cat a loving “forever” home!

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