10 Very Adorable Cats With Very Important New Year’s Resolutions



1. "Stop the human from making me wear so many silly hats. I'm a PREDATOR for goodness sake!"

Be Hoppy Froggy Cat Hat


2. "This is it. This is the year I go FULL. LIQUID. MODE."

  cats are liquid


3. "I'm going to really cut down on my cardboard box collecting this year."

Cat Fort | Know Your Meme


4. "I'm going to be a better mouser this year. Definitely not so lazy!"

5. "I'm really gonna up my selfie game this year."

6. "I'm going to photobomb as many important events as I can."

7. "I'm going to take more 'me' time."

US embassy accidentally sends email 'meeting' invite featuring photo of cat  in pajamas


8. "I'm really going to focus on getting that purr-motion."

9. "I'm really gonna work on doing more cardio."

10. "I ABSOLUTELY will never skip leg day!"


  • Giovani Mesquita

    lindos gatos

  • Kathleen Huey

    Thank you for these pictures. They are so funny! Happy New Year to all of you and all the cats! 😽

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