Strange Cat Paintings That Will Make You Question Reality

This cat has a human face. Why? Who is she? What is she thinking?


What's more terrifying: the fact that is has a human face, or that it's making an expression that's completely relatable?  

Call it style. Call it interpretation. But this artist had a very clearly defined opinion of what cats should be.  

Fernando Botero, Cat on a Roof 


Like this (uncomfortably relatable) cat. It's almost like staring into a mirror when you're prepping for a trip to the buffet. 


But seriously. I'm starting to forget what cats actually look like.

Fernando Botero, The Cat


Is this ... Cat?

Cat Checklist: Very round? Check. Cute li'l paws? Check. A face resembling anything remotely feline? ... We'll get back to you.  

I mean, cats walk on two legs, right? And have eyebrows and world-weary expressions?  Yes. Definitely a cat.

Also, jetpacks. 


This ugly cat blesses you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This, uh, "cat" just wants some help around the house for once.  

All right. This one's pretty spot on. Every cat owner has seen their cat in this position.

This one's also fairly representative of cats and water not mixing. 

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