This Text Exchange Between a Cat and Its Human Is Painfully Accurate

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Cats. We can't live with them. And if you ask any diehard cat lover, we can't live without them, either. While our furry feline friends bring an incredible amount of joy to our human lives, they can also be a bit ... baffling. My cats at home have about a million and one toys to choose from. Whether it's a catnip mouse or a feather on a stick, time and time again the cats will play with their new toy for about two seconds before reverting back to their one true love: the milk ring they keep losing under the fridge. Why? Why do cats consider our trash to be their treasure?

This pretend text conversation between a human and its cat purrfectly captures what it would be like to have a conversation with your cat about this exact baffling behavior. This kitty is looking for its beloved blue string (it's number one joy in life), and its human is struggling in vain to understand the reasoning behind the value of a piece of trash. I guess what they say is true: beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. 

Watch the imagined text chain below. It's so relatable it's almost painful! 


What do you think of this video? Relatable or no? Let us know in the comments! 

1 comment

  • Shelly

    That was a private conversation between me and my cat Leo. How’d you get access to it???

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