This November, Consider Opening Your Heart (And Home) to a Senior Cat


In case you didn't know, November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month! There's no denying that kittens and puppies are just about the cutest little creatures on this green Earth.

And while kittens need homes just as much as senior cats, they don't really need any help getting adopted. Senior cats (and dogs), on the other hand, face a bit more of an uphill battle when it comes to finding a forever home. But just because they're a little grey around the muzzle doesn't mean they don't deserve their happily ever after! 


adopt a senior pet month


Some potential adopters assume that senior cats end up in shelters because of behavioral 

or health issues. In reality, the surrender is often due to family upheavals, such as death, divorce, relocation or allergy, according to Nancy Peterson, the cat programs manager at the Humane Society of the United States.




In fact, some senior pets have lived their whole lives in happy homes, and are now bewildered and confused to find themselves in a strange shelter; for others, this might just be their last chance to find a "happily forever after" home after a string of disappointments. 

This month, Meowingtons will be featuring stories on senior cats and all the reasons to love and cherish them to show our unending support for cats, young or old! 


For our local readers in South Florida who are interested in adoption of a senior cat (or two), Meowingtons is currently fostering two adorable senior cats from our office, Louie and Raphael. 

These two bonded brothers were rescued from a house fire with 21 other cats - and, unable to properly care for them, their owner made the heartbreaking decision to give them up for adoption. The Humane Society of Broward County took them in. Meowingtons is part of the HSBC's Office Cats Program, and these two boys have brought so much joy and brightness into our office. We love them to pieces and want to see them go to a wonderful forever after home - together. 

If you are interested in meeting Louie and Raphael, please see this post for more information!   


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  • Amanda Heyn

    Our family is made up of all ages of kitties ranging from 1 yr old to 14 years old and one senior 16 1/2 year old dog. All had been adopted and returned several times except for the feral cats as this has been their only inside home. Some of the animals had up to five households previously. They will live out their lives comfortably here with all the good foods, toys and sunny windows they can handle! We are the house of misfits that fit perfectly together :)

  • Valeria Shantz

    Adopting a nearly 20-year-old beauty!
    I’ve always had lots of very, very beautiful furbabies, who will always be in my heart. All were very special and always made me feel very rich with love! Sadly, the last of my beautiful kitties, Erica, a 17-year-old black and beige tabby went over the rainbow bridge last January. The day after, heartbroken, I go back to the vet with Erica’s things for donation to the local shelter. Never would I have thought that in such a heartbreaking pain for losing my baby girl Erica would I met Calì. I feel, I know, in my heart that Erica made it happen…she knew I won’t have coped well with her leaving me…
    So, here’s Calì’s wonderful story. On the billboard in the waiting room I see a picture of a stunning cat and a caption, saying that she was nearly 20 years old and being kicked out of her home! I was feeling so heartbroken and confused that I thought I misread, so I asked the vet to read it back to me. I hadn’t misread…the only right thing to say and do was that I was going to be her new mommy…real mommy because NEVER AND NEVER would I have abandoned a furbaby! The vet did try to talk me out of it because seeing how much I was suffering and considering Calì’s age she was afraid I would have a breakdown. But, fortunately I didn’t listen to her. The vet got the family to her bring her in for a visit and complete blood work, the results were perfect! 10 days later, January 21, I adopted a beautiful 19 years and 10 months old Norwegian Forest from her “so-called family as they simply didn’t want her anymore! You could clearly tell they had stopped looking after her at least a year before because her fur was entirely matted and was underweight as she was being fed only dry food. She was just licking the dry food, trying to pick it up and hopefully swallow a few…she’s simply too old to chew! We looked each other in the eye and knew right then and there she was meant to be my baby girl! In 7 months she’s gained 1kg, has no more matted hair, and eats loads of yummy wet food. It’s like she was holding on because she knew I was going to be there for her, making the time she has left (gotta be loads) the most loved and happiest ever! Being loved back by such a precious sweetheart fills my heart with joy, making me very lucky to have her in my life. I’m still heartbroken for Erica and all my other babies, but loving another, especially a senior furbaby, helps coping with the pain. Knowing you are making the difference for them is priceless! Love my beautiful 20 and a half year old baby girl Calì to bits! I’m guessing she’s forgotten those horrible selfish people! Why are some people SO cruel???

  • jmuhj

    For a long time, our furmily has been a lot larger than it is now. But currently, it is only 3, and all are “mature” — at 10, 13, and 14, they are every bit as gorgeous, sweet, friendly, playful, silly, soft, warm, and cherished as any and every other cat who has graced my life. Loving the senior cats! and sharing to social media, in encouragement and support.

  • Audrey Stewart

    I have 12 elderly rescue cats. Most of them have no teeth, so I buy them canned cat food. I always ask for canned cat food donations. If you have cats, you know it is about 50 cents a can. All are spayed and neutered. We also have steps for them so they don’t have to jump down or climb up great heights. They all sleep inside at night. I have about an acre that is fenced in, so they do like to go out on the porch and nap in the sun. I live in South Carolina so it is warm here more than cold.

  • Nancy E Quenomoen

    My family adopted an eleven year old orange tabby named Cashew. I loved that cat so much. He was always nearby ready to offer love and companionship. He passed away this last April at the age of 16. I miss him terribly. A beautiful old gentleman.

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