This Artist Crafts Stunningly Realistic Cat Portraits Out Of Felted Wool

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Japanese artist Wakuneco creates stunningly, and sometimes uncannily, realistic 3-D portraits of cats, crafted entirely of felted wool.  


Each three-dimensional felted feline takes approximately one month of painstaking work. Wakuneco uses the traditional needle felting technique, which involves poking layers of wool with a needle until the fibers slowly and steadily compact and form into solid shapes.




The artist combines this technique to create realistic fur and markings and adds striking glass eyes and faux whiskers to craft these hyper-realistic wool sculptures. Wakuneco has generously posted her creative process through a series of videos on Instagram and YouTube. 




 Here you can see the artist using a special barbed needle used especially for felting techniques. 



Here is a work in progress ...   


 ... and the finished result!



The portraits are based off real-life cats ...




And the artist really manages to capture all the tiny details, down to individual markings and even expressions.



Watch Wakuneco's amazing process below.


Find out more info about Wakuneco on their website, Instagram, and YouTube!

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  • Melissa Warden

    Absolutely amazing! So lifelike!! I would buy one of my cat!!

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