15 Things Every Cat Person Has Said At Least Once

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Saying, "That's a problem for Tomorrow Me," when it's 2 am and you hear your cat barfing somewhere in the house. 

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1. Casually professing your undying love and dedication for them:

2. Making sure there's no escapees:

3. Realizing it's all about finding the right toy for your cats:

4. You've probably said this a lot more than you ever expected to:

5. You HAVE to say "Big Stretch", it's Cat Parent Law.

6. It's also Cat Parent Law that you can't move a sleeping cat, especially not if they're snuggling on your lap:


7. When you hope it's not something that Mickey Mouse could call his brother:


8. When you start to question if cats are just tiny poo factories:

9. Or how for such tiny animals they can eat like a herd of elephants:

10. Or how they can sound as loud as a herd of elephants:

11. When you wish you could live a life as spoiled as your own house kitty and all you had to worry about is which sunbeam to nap in:

12. Cat hair becomes an inevitable condiment. 

13. There is nothing more soothing than a finely tuned engine: 

14. You take things a li'l too purr-sonally:

15. When your cats get a little too comfortable:


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