These "Stupid" Cat Drawings Will Brighten Your Day June 15 2018, 4 Comments

Having a rough day? Too busy planning New Year's Resolutions? It's okay, everyone has off days. Take it easy on yourself! You know what might help cheer you up? Pictures of cats, of course. But not just your average, everyday cat pictures! These are "stupid cat drawings" (as written by the artist himself) and they're here to brighten your day. The lighthearted illustrations are from Instagram artist The Daily Purr, and they capture the pure essence of CAT in just a few simple lines. And the best part? There's a new one every day! 

"The main idea behind Daily Purrr is to make people smile every day at least for a little moment," the aritst, Ainars, told INSIDER.

Scroll through his feline-inspired illustrations and just try not to smile.  


We're going to call this one the "When you accidentally open the front-facing camera."

Cats are liquid.

Here's indisputable proof that they are! 

"Play hard, Nap hard." 

They say the camera adds 10 pounds ... What about artistic inspiration?

I've never seen this version of Portal

She's beauty. She's grace. She's two legs and a face.  

We're just going to title this one "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy" or "Existential Dread." 

This one? "Long Cat."  

 The artist purrfectly captures "step cat".

He's got the tux already. All's we need is the stretch limo. 

This hungry boy is an absolute unit.