These Rescue Kittens Got a "Newborn" Photo Shoot to Help Them Get Adopted


What do you do when a stray cat you’ve been feeding drops her kittens off on your front porch? You have a newborn kitten photo shoot, of course! 

Well, first you make sure everyone is happy and healthy, which is exactly what Brandy Suppi did when the little stray tabby she’d been feeding decided to trust Suppi with her kittens. “Two days after I started feeding her,” Suppi told The Dodo, “she brought me her kittens and wrapped them in a blanket on the porch. I think Mama knew we would help her.”

An owner of four rescue dogs herself, Suppi knew she couldn’t adopt the whole family. She set about spreading the word about her rescued feline family. Suppi contacted her friend Heather Scott of LaMon Photography for the special project. 

“She sent me a picture of these kittens that the mama cat brought to her porch,” Scott said. “I immediately said we need a newborn shoot!” 

The results are almost too perfect for words. Scott styled the kittens just like she would human babies for a newborn shoot. The furry newborns were tucked in soft, warm blankets. They were even adorned in flower headbands and bowties, just like in a traditional newborn shoot. 

Thanks to the adorable results of the newborn kitten photo shoot, Suppi has found forever homes for two of the four kittens.

Folks interested in opening their hearts to one or more of these precious kittens, or their mother, can contact Suppi via her Facebook page.

"My requirement is a loving home," she said. "And that the adopter prepays for shots and spay or neuter at the vet of their choice."


  • GymnastCatlover

    So cute I wonder if I can get my cat Frosty dressed up

  • Jennifer

    This is so adorable! I so need to have a photoshoot with my furbabies now 😽😻💕

  • Janet Ginepro

    This is so sweet! I wish all kitties would have a chance to be loved!

  • Ladonna long

    I would love one of the orange kittens!!!!

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