These Identical Twin Cats Share Everything, Even Their Multi-Colored Eyes

white cat twins


No, you’re not seeing double! Meet Iriss and Abyss, two identical kitties from St. Petersburg. This duo of stunning sisters has taken the Internet by storm—and is serving nothing but looks!



The two sisters are nearly impossible to tell apart – they’re identical from the their soft, pink noses to the tips of their sleek, white tails. Perhaps the most stunning feature they share, though, is their multi-colored eyes. The mirror twins both have a condition known as heterochromia iridum, which causes each eye to be a unique color.

Heterochromia manifests in humans and animals, like in the case of young Madden and his best feline friend, Moon, who have matching heterochromous eyes. It’s perfectly harmless and results in a stunning, wonderfully unique appearance.

(You can read more about Madden and Moon’s heartwarming story here!)

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Known on Instagram as the Sis Twins, Abyss and Iriss are always ready to strike a pose for their cat dad.


They are each their own unique individual, as all cats are. But they're masters at being in sync.


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Seriously ... 


 ... Sometimes they mirror each other perfectly!

They've even got a pretty good balancing act.  

And they're not shy about dressing up.

Just look at these two babush-kats!

Some fans have even made fan art of the Sis Twins, like the artist behind Cats in Food

It's not hard to see why these gorgeous felines have over 100,000 followers on Instagram. But the real question is ...

How does their dad tell who is who?!

Want to see more? Check out their Instagram!


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