These Cats With Tiny Faces Will Brighten Your Monday


The Internet has gone to the cats! No news there, really, cats have dominated our web surfing for years now. And Reddit, the front page of the Internet, is clearly no exception. Cats have nearly taken over one of Reddit's more popular subreddits, r/photoshopbattles; users are pitted against each other to see who can take a relatively normal photo and bring it to the next level. 

On this edition of Photoshop battles, 'shoppers were challenged to create cats with teeny, tiny faces. And the result is a mix between completely adorable and ridiculously hilarious. Seriously, it was so entertaining to compile this post for your viewing pleasure.

And the best part? There's now an entire subreddit dedicated to cats with tiny faces, founded by prolific cat snapchatter and photoshopper, cakes1todough1


1. Tiny mouth, big appetite. 



2. This li'l tiny face is doing his best impression of a Trash Panda. With a tiny face.

3. This is a face that just says, "Squee!" 

4. This is the tiny faced Maru we didn't know we needed to see.

5. As if Lil BUB could get ANY cuter! 

6. This little purr-fessional who's got a tiny face but makes big bank.


7. Too much fluff, not enough face! 

Original photo: Instagram


8. The truth is meowt there ... Do you believe?


9. This li'l gremlin doesn't want to share his melon with you. 


10. This kitty's all bundled up with nowhere to go. 


11. Two tiny faces are better than one! 


12. This cat is the King of the Feline Uncanny Valley.


13. So tiny. So cute. 


14. This is what Marie from The Aristocats would look like in real life (and if she had a tiny face.)

15. And last, but not least, the King of Cats! 

Which tiny face is your tiny fav? Let us know in the comments! 


  • jas

    all of the are sooooooooooo cuteeee!

  • Linda

    I thought the tiny faces were hilarious! A nice mix of cute and funny! I love the lion tiny face! Such a total contrast to what he really looks like! I enjoyed them.

  • Patricia

    They are horrifying! I love them lol

  • Tona


  • Maria Forte

    Just me, but I didn’t care for the tiny faces. Grotesque. I’ll take a normal kitty face, the Good Lord knows cute when He makes it.

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