These Cats Love Our Prime Day Sale And So Will You

If there's one thing cat owners know to be true, it's that cats love boxes. It's baffling, mindboggling, simply incomprehensible how much they love them. For a cat and its box, it's Ride or Die, plain and simple. 

So it makes sense that these cats are just as excited as we humans about Amazon Prime Week. It's like winning the lotto for a cat - new boxes, in excess, of all shapes and sizes? Sign me up! 

But you don't have to be a Prime member to get swipe some simply PAWsome deals! To celebrate Prime Day (and keep the supply of fresh cardboard boxes flowin' to your cat), we're offering up to 60% Off select items

So if your cat's box needs a bit of an upgrade ...

Or it's not quite the right fit ... 

Meow is the time to take advantage of our Prime Day Sale!

Your cat will thank you.

You can grab a li'l somethin'-somethin' for you ...


Or the purr-fect Halloween look for your cat (besides the box it comes in) - for under $5! 


Your kitty is sure to approve, that's our paw-mise! 


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