16 Cats and Their Siblings Recreate Photos from Kittenhood


Then and Meow: These cats and their beloved siblings, both human and feline, show us that family means forever.


'Tis the season to celebrate family! With Christmas just around the corner (It's only 4 weeks away, you know!), we're here to spread some warm and fuzzies the feline way. 


before and after cats

"I got Socks and Spots when they were only 7 weeks old. 2 years later, and they still cuddle together!"


cute cats
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"Me and my bro, 12 years later."

adopt a cat kitten meme

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"Cat cuddle pile!"


sleeping cats



"15 years later, and my cat still hates being a present."

grumpy cat meme grumpy cat

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"Four years later ... both in their basket."


if i fits i sits cats cat meme
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"On the first day of 6th grade, my brother got Mittens. 17 years later ..."

funny cat compilation
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Watching the world grow up together.



"Bill and I, 19 years later."


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BFF means Best Friends FOREVER, in case you forgot!


bffs best friends forever cat hugs


"My cat and I, 17 years later."

forever home rescue cats
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"Recreating a pic from back then."


then and now cat photos
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"Almost 17 years."


then and now pets
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"One year later and I'm still glad I adopted both twins."


twins same
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"Eighteen years later. Happy Birthday to my cat!"


birthday cat meme
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"This is me and my 24-year-old cat, then and now."

then vs now photos

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Do you have before and after photos to share? 



  • Linda Collard

    I love these young/old kitty pictures! So nice to see the kitties live such nice, long lives too! I hope my Jesse lives a nice, long life too, he’s ten this year.

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