16 Cats and Their Siblings Recreate Photos from Kittenhood


Then and Meow: These cats and their beloved siblings, both human and feline, show us that family means forever.


'Tis the season to celebrate family! With Christmas just around the corner (It's only 4 weeks away, you know!), we're here to spread some warm and fuzzies the feline way. 


before and after cats

"I got Socks and Spots when they were only 7 weeks old. 2 years later, and they still cuddle together!"


cute cats
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"Me and my bro, 12 years later."

adopt a cat kitten meme

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"Cat cuddle pile!"


sleeping cats



"15 years later, and my cat still hates being a present."

grumpy cat meme grumpy cat

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"Four years later ... both in their basket."


if i fits i sits cats cat meme
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"On the first day of 6th grade, my brother got Mittens. 17 years later ..."

funny cat compilation
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Watching the world grow up together.



"Bill and I, 19 years later."


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BFF means Best Friends FOREVER, in case you forgot!


bffs best friends forever cat hugs


"My cat and I, 17 years later."

forever home rescue cats
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"Recreating a pic from back then."


then and now cat photos
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"Almost 17 years."


then and now pets
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"One year later and I'm still glad I adopted both twins."


twins same
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"Eighteen years later. Happy Birthday to my cat!"


birthday cat meme
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"This is me and my 24-year-old cat, then and now."

then vs now photos

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Do you have before and after photos to share? 



  • Tracy

    I lost my favorite four-legged friend this past march after 18 years. He came with my husband and I was deathly allergic. At first I told my husband that we would have to give him away because I would go into asthma attacks anytime I would go into my husband’s apartment. After Max (the cat, not the husband) started sleeping on my head and my chest, I became immune and IN LOVE. I wish we would have had some early and late pictures of him with our son but unfortunately we don’t. We have a million pictures of them both but none like these Maybe I should post some pictures of me pre-immune and after. The pre-immune were really bad. It’s hard to look cool with an inhaler in your mouth. ;-)

  • Shahla

    Is so heart warming to see Therese kitties with their people and how they live a long life and happy !
    No any one can earn a kitty’s live ! Takes a special person to earn their love and trust! Like all those people in the picture!
    I love my Lucy so much and I hope we can grow old together and have a lots of years together!
    She is 13 now!
    She is love of my life!❤❤

  • sandra mason

    I love every one of these.. I especially love the ones of the guys and their cats. I get so tired of “men” who believe they are “men” because they hate cats and say nasty things about them. they hurt them and abuse them and call themselves “men”. they aren’t they’re bullies.. thank you to all the men who are man enough to love cats and admit it.
    my boyfriend and I have 14 cats and he loves them all as much as I do.

  • Tamara Lutzke

    Wonderful pictures so great to see happy loved kitty’s with their humans it’s a beautiful thing…i love my kittys to

  • Judy Cranford

    Wonderful pictures! So nice to see the love these humans have for their precious kitties!

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