The Top 10 Best Bongo Cat Videos We Could Find

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What is Bongo Cat?

Bongo cat is everything.

Who is Bongo Cat?

Bongo Cat is all of us.

Okay, really though, Bongo Cat is an adorably small, round cat with tiny pink toe beans that plays all your favorite tunes. Bongo Cat is a musical meme in feline form, and this little kitty is well on his way to take over the Internet. (As all cats are destined to do, of course.)

Bongo Cat originally took form in the mind of one Twitter user, @StrayRogue, sans Bongos and musical accompaniment:




It wasn't until fellow artist @DitzyFlama added a bouncy tune and some bongos that Bongo Cat reached his true form:



Since then, artists across the Internet have put their creativity (and editing skills) to work and created a whole flock of Bongo Cats.  Here are our Top Bongo Cat Picks!  

1. Bongo Cat takes on the classics, like Toto's ever-present Africa

 2. Bongo Cat even covers the most classical of classics. 


3. Bongo Cat's simplistic style enables artists to fit the rotund kitty into most iconic styles, like this Retro Bongo Cat.  



4. Earth, Wind, and Fire ... And Bongo Cat 



5. If you're a fan of the Legend of Zelda video games, this Bongo Cat will speak to your soul.


 6. Bongo Cat is here to cheer you up with his techno beats.  



7. RIP, Stefan Karl 

 8. When two memes collide ...  



9. In case you needed a '90s nostalgia flashback! 



10. Of course, Milton had to get in on the fun, too.  


If you need a break from today, just kick back and let Bongo Cat take you away!


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  • Athena de la Fluff

    You Rick Rolled us…. Milton!

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