The Real Quarantine Challenge: Trying To Finish a Puzzle When You Have Cats May 08 2020, 3 Comments


The Covid-19 lockdowns are bringing out the avid jigsaw puzzlers like never before. Some are amping up the difficulty with puzzles made of thousands of pieces and  - but luckily, cats have lined up to, uh, "help" their humans.  As many cat owners have discovered, this feline help isn't so much helpful as, well, the antithesis of help. 

Here are ten cats who are putting the challenge in #QuarantineChallenge. 

1. This cat, who fell asleep holding the last piece of the puzzle ... that their humans spent the last 10 minutes looking for. 

Vvia aChristianObama, Reddit


2. This kitten, who laughed in the face of "Kitten Proofing the Puzzle"

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If your jigsaw puzzlin' is falling victim to your cat's paws, it could be the result of attention-seeking behavior on your cat's part. While you're trying to stay busy and entertained during the lockdown, don't forget about your kitty! While cats aren’t "pack animals" like dogs, that doesn’t mean they want to be alone all the time.

Cats prefer to be social with the humans they love and trust. So despite the stereotypes of the “aloof” cat, your cat may be interfering with your puzzling to get your attention because they’re feeling lonely - or likely just as bored as you are. And when they see you paying attention to something other than them (like a puzzle or your phone) ... well, let the puzzle-wrecking begin! 


3. And this fluff, who found the perfect place to sit:

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4. "Yep! This one tastes like a corner piece!"

But don't worry! There are plenty of ways you can entertain your favorite feline and help them relieve some of that pent-up energy - and keep them out of your puzzle! Click here to read more detailed ideas on keeping your. cat entertained!

Something as simple as placing a bird feeder, squirrel feeder, or plants that attract wildlife (like butterflies or bees) near your cat’s favorite window!

If it's been a while since your cat's gotten a new toy, consider cycling in some new toys as a way to get them excited to play - cats can get bored of the same old toys, especially if the catnip has gone stale. 

If your cat is especially food motivated, food puzzles can help your cat get mental and physical entertainment as well! 

5. And this shameless cat, who doesn't want to share the spotlight:



6. And this fluff bucket, who's making sure you have a life-like model so you know what the puzzle's supposed to look like finished:



7. And this kitty, who's reclaimed his rightful place on the throne:




8. And this very life-like 3D puzzle:


9. "If I fits, I sits! And then I sleeps."

10.  And this series of un-furr-tunate events: