The Mystery Of Bulgaria's Green Cat


Now that's a cat of a different color! This green feline first started circulating the Interwebs in 2014 after she was frequently spotted wandering the streets of the seaside town of Varna, Bulgaria. 

Residents of the seaside town at first thought this spectacularly colored cat was the victim of a cruel prank. Concerned, the community even formed a Facebook group to coordinate their search for the culprits. The truth, however, was somewhat less nefarious – it was discovered that the cat had taken a liking to sleeping in a pile of powdered green paint at a local garage.


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In concern for the cat's health, several attempts were made to capture the little green bean - but they were unable to capture her. 

According to reports, Varna's residents had a bit of a scare when the verdant feline disappeared for three days, which was unlike her. Many feared she was stolen because of her emerald coat and Internet fame.

A search was launched, and fortunately, it was revealed that the kitty was not abducted, but simply taken in and given a good bath. Local Animal Welfare groups, concerned for the cat's health and welfare, took her in and cleaned her up as best as they could. Today, Varna's famous green feline only sports a splash of green highlights. 

It is unknown if she was spayed and given vaccinations as many Trap, Neuter, Release, programs do when aiding homeless cats. But Varna's community seems to care greatly for this haplessly colorful feline, even without her bright green coat, and continue to feed and care for her.   


Before you think of trying to replicate the accidental green hue that she once sported, just remember that artificially dying the fur of your pets for cosmetic reasons is actually an unhealthy practice which the RSPCA warns pet-owners has "potentially fatal consequences."


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  • Queen Bianca Asiana Vaughn Matthews

    How do i get one!

  • roley

    thats geeen kat is so sawggers

  • Do Some Research

    To the person who said “forced sterilization is horrific”
    Know what is more horrific? The epidemic of stay cats the continue to breed uncontrollably. Which results in numerous stray cats that live without proper resources, and wreak havoc among local biodiversities. Please do some reading on animal over population and the benefits of the spay and release program

  • Hotdog

    I like big black balls

  • Analyssa Cary

    I was scared that someone had stolen her I’m happy that she’s okay

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