The Internet Is Obsessed With This Very Good, Very Buff Cat

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Say hello to Buff Cat.

He's a cat. He's buff. And he's the Internet's newest obsession.

This kitty's swole muscles have the Internet's collective meme muse flowing. Buff Cat has his own Twitter account, run by the anonymous cat lover who just happened to run across Buff Cat in her neighborhood in Quebec, Canada. She told Buzzfeed News that she's just "a girl who likes petting cats." This is the Tweet that started it all, really:

Sun's out, guns out. 


Of course, The Internet was quick to transform Buff Cat into memes.

He is pretty meme-worthy, after all!  

Look at this Beefy Boy! 

It's unknown who Buff Cat's owner is, or if his beach-ready bod is the result of a workout routine or a genetic condition (most likely the latter). 

In fact, Dr. Dan Smith, a veterinarian in New York, told BuzzFeed News he's not sure if Buff Cat suffers from a genetic muscle condition, but literally said, "That boy is an absolute unit." That's the best possible answer to give, Dr. Dan.

According to Dr. Dan Smith, "There is a genetic mutation that's found mostly in some cow breeds that is called double-muscling and I've heard of rare cases of it in some dog breeds like Rottweilers and Greyhounds, but never in a cat. This might be the first," he added.


All we can say is we hope Buff Cat is happy, healthy, and has an equally buff and loving owner. 



1 comment

  • jmuhj

    Buff Cat is very handsome, but he does look as if he gets far too much Fancy Feast for good health. Our beloved Calo was buff but not overweight.

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