The Cat Who Refused to Move For Commuters 'Owns' that Metro Station in Istanbul


We recently shared a viral video making its way around the Interwebs in which a completely indifferent calico (in classic cat fashion) blocked commuters exiting a metro station in Istanbul, happily snoozing away while commuters had to step around her. The original video was posted by Brandon Thompson on Facebook.


Some of our viewers were concerned with the cat's welfare, so we decided to do some digging. It turns out that this feline, who just doesn't give a fluff, is known to pretty much own the Taksim Metro Station. In fact, she's pretty important to the everyday goings-on, as are most cats in Turkey, according to the blog Anadolu Kedisi

This chill calico doesn't have a name, per se, but she is called the Taksim Metro Cat after the place she calls home. 


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She makes sure your requests are heard. 

Photo: Chris Healy


She's also great at offering directions. 

Photo: Özgür Yavuz

She extremely photogenic and always willing to strike a pose.

Photo: bzzt_624


She'll share the walkway with you (most of the time.)

Photo: Mehlika Baş

And she never goes hungry: shop owners feed her daily, alongside the many other people who use Taksim Station. 

Photo: William Armstrong

Istanbul is home to millions of street cats like the Taksim Metro Cat. And like Metro Cat, they are cared for by the community. Like Metro Cat, these cats are not pets - but they're not ferals, either.

The people of Istanbul feed these cats, care for them, even taken them to the vet when they are sick - and form close relationships with them. As it is said in the film Kedi, a documentary about street cats in Istanbul and the communities that care for them,

"In Istanbul, the cat is more than just a cat ..."

Photo: Laylaylom Dutturudunya


"Without the cat, Istanbul would lose a part of its soul."   

Photo: Laylaylom Dutturudunya


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  • Kay

    The fact that these “homeless” or “stray” cats are willing to interact positively w/humans shows that they are NOT feral. Feral cats do not interact well w/people w/o a lot of coaxing, typically. These cats are cared for and valued. I lived in a community w/feral cats. Those cats are a menace, to themselves and those around them unless someone takes the time to work w/them, get them spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and eventually acclimated to humans.

  • darlene

    Italy has a lot of feral cats as well. They’re all over the place, and as loved and respected as they are in Istanbul. At least in Rome. Maybe not the entire country (too brad a statement) but very loved in Rome!

  • jmuhj

    Though Turkey, like all other societies, has its share of soulless and callous people, it is traditional to respect and protect the cat. “KEDI” is one of the greatest films! I urge everyone to see it.

  • Eva

    I love this story. I know there are many cities in the world that have colonies of feral cats n they live in harmony with their citizens. I was not aware that Istanbul is one of those cities.
    All my life I have thought of visiting Istanbul. I find the name “Istanbul” to be such a sexy sounding name. I find cats to be very sexy animals. The way they walk n carry themselves is just mesmerizing. Unfortunately I will not get to travel there due my age n somewhat bad health. I will have to be satisfied in looking for the movie “Kedi” which tells all about the Istanbul city cats.
    Thank u for such wonderful story.

  • Pamela Schantz

    I agree, all fur babies are our families.

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