10 Catty Pirate Puns For Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy, matey - if you haven't guessed it, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day! So to celebrate, we've scoured the Seven Seas and rounded up some of the cattiest pirate puns we could find. Featuring Instagram's own one-eyed pirate kitty, SpaghettiO, as a sea-farin' feline, these pirate puns will have you cryin' ARRGH! And that's a good thing, trust us. 

1. This is mewtiny! 

2. Not in my ayyyyye! 

3. Don't you mean Davy Jones' Freezer?

4. But first, fetch the parrot! I'm hungry. 

5. Drink up me kitties, yo ho! 

6. Ever wondered why cats actually use a litterbox?  

7. Even pirate cats make terrible decisions. 

8. Oh, you've gotta be kitten me!

9. No, you're not supposed to scratch the plank, you're supposed to walk it! 

10. Even if one 'em is a peg leg. 

 Want to get in on some of the scallywaggin' shenanigans? Try the Pirate Cat Costume on for size.  

pirate cat costume

We can't guarantee there won't be any mewtinies, though. 

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