The Best Cat Meme-Inspired Halloween Costumes to Try

If you love the Internet, or even if you just love cats, chance are you'll recognize one if not all of these costumes. And if you can't name them all, can you really call yourself a cat lover in this day and age? (Ok, yes, you can. But you're missing out on some great laughs!)

So if you spend your days retweeting the choicest cat videos or lighting up the group chat with freshest cat memes, these cat meme-inspired Halloween costumes are sure to get some laughs. Need some more Halloween costume inspiration? Or just need the purrfect pair of cat ears to complete your outfit? Check out our Halloween collection for some feline-inspired ideas! 

The Classic "Inbread" Cat

It may have originated 7 years ago (which is death in Internet meme culture), but Nyan Cat is eternal. 

Seriously, you can't go wrong with some brightly painted cardboard and some cat ears! 

Or you could take it to the next level, which is obviously over 9000. 

I think all the chemistry jokes argon. Oh, wait, this girl has one more! 

Much like Nyan Cat, Grumpy Cat is eternal. She will frown her way into the apocalypse, which she will also likely cause with her army of cats.

I'd make that face too, honestly. 

And who could forget Business Cat? 

I mean, it's the ideal costume to wear to the office Halloween party, right?

Okay, so this one's not entirely meme-based but it's too perfect not to include. Look at this little cat lady in the making! 

Look! Another one! #ParentingDoneRight


If these cat-meme inspired Halloween #looks have you feline the Halloween Spirit, you might want to check out these cats who are absolutely slaying their Halloween costumes this year. Your brain will thank you. 

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