The 12 Days Of Christmas...With Cats

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Those that celebrate Christmas might be familiar with the 12 Days of Christmas. But only cat parents are familiar of the 12 Days of Catmas! Join us for 12 days of feline-filled festivities with Milton and Millie!

Only 11 days to go...🤢

12 Days of Christmas with cats Milton the cat

It's the, um, thought that counts...Right?


This isn't what I meant by free-range chicken 😤


It's the Magic of Christmas!



The only thing more valuable than silver and gold...

You've heard of gifts from the heart. Now get ready for gifts from the tummy! 🎁

That's how they stay fresh 🥺


In the end, everything ends up being for the cats 😽

Ah, yes, the sounds of the holidays.

It's a Christmas miracle!

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, my two cats gave to me ... Twelve Midnight Zoomies! 🏃‍♂️💨
Eleven belly pettings 👋
Ten loud butt lickings 📢
Nine lasers dancing 🔴
Eight paws a-kneading 🐾
Seven toys a-swimming 🌊
Six spots for spraying 🧼
Five old milk rings!🥛
Four calling birds 🦜
Three French hens 🐔
Two turtle doves🐦
... and a Partridge Under the Tree! 🎄🎁


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  • regina bittner

    That depicts my cats to a T!

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