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Cuddly Cat and Dog Best Friends to Soothe Your Soul March 02 2017, 0 Comments

Fewer things are better for the soul than cats and dogs snuggling up and teaching the world about love, trust, and the importance of a good nap. And also that dogs make the best pillows. 
cats and dogs sleeping together cats of instagram
cats and dogs cuddling watki instagram
cats laying on dogs




raining cats and dogs




can cats and dogs get along


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Here's Why Calico Cats Are the Coolest February 24 2017, 107 Comments

Calico cats are some of the coolest cats there are. It's not just their beautiful, eye-catching colors that make them pretty calicool. (Okay, even I cringed at that pun.) Their “cool cat” stat is backed by some interesting science.


pudge the cat persian calico



To get down to brass tacks, “calico” is not a breed of cat. Calico actually refers to a cat’s coat color and fur pattern. It’s most commonly a tri-color mix of orange, black and white, but variations of these basic colors can also present, such as cream, reddish brown, blue-black or even gray.

dilute calico gray calico

Calico colors can present in any breed of domestic cat, long hair or short: Japanese Bobtail, Manx, Persian, Turkish Angora and American Shorthair to name a few.

Now to the cool stuff.

Almost all calico cats are female.

Calicos are a weird wonder of nature, genetically speaking. No worries, I won’t be dragging out the Punnett squares and overhead projector. (Boy, do I feel old.) Here are the basics:


  • A cat needs two X chromosomes to present with the tri-color calico pattern.
  • If a cat has an XX pair of chromosomes, it will be female.
  • Male cats have an XY chromosome pair, so they can rarely be Calicos.


One of the more famous calico ladies is Honorable Eternal Stationmaster Tama who saved the Kishi Station in Wakayama, Japan, from closing.

stationmaster tama japan


Another cute calico lady is Pudge, whose "mustache is cooler than yours."  Here's Pudge lounging around in all her feminine feline glory.

cat lounge scratcher for cats


Male calicos are like unicorns.

Good luck finding one! There's less than a 0.1% chance of a calico cat being born male. Approximately one in 3,000 calicos are male.

For a male cat to have calico colors, it must have an extra X chromosome, making it XXY. While these cats present as male, they are calico because of the double X chromosome. 

Meet Sherman, one in 3,000. A stray male calico who showed up at the Humane Society Silicon Valley!

sherman male calico rare male calico

Male calicos are almost always sterile.

Only one in 10,000 male calicos are born fertile because of this rare XXY configuration. This anomaly can also cause Klinefelter’s Syndrome, a health issue that may result in some health problems for calico males.

calico kitten


That concludes the scientific portion of today’s cool calico cat facts! But we’ve got some fun feline folklore in store for you.


Calico cats are good luck.

In England and the United States, male calicos are considered especially lucky due to their rarity.

Maneki neko, a Japanese cat talisman thought to bring good fortune and wealth, is almost always calico. If Maneki neko’s left paw is raised, she’ll lure in those customers with her calico charm; while her raised right paw bestows good luck and wealth. The higher her paw is held, the luckier you’ll be.

maneki neko good luck cat calico cat figurine



Calicos are ancient maritime protectors.

Long ago, Japanese sailors saw calico cats as companions of good luck and would bring them along on their ocean voyages. The calicos were thought to chase away storms and also any angry, ancestral ghosts that may float onboard.

sailor cat

Be sure to bring your pocket-sized calico protector with you wherever you go.

cat phone


Calicos have a cure for what ails you.

An old Irish wives’ tale claims that if you’ve got a wart on ye olde foot, just rub-a-dub-dub that unfortunate bump on an (even more unfortunate) calico’s tail. This calico kitty is a surefire way to banish those bumps. Just look at the size of that wart remover!

longhair calico cat turkish calico

Or you could just wear a pair of cat socks. Or maybe don't worry about weird foot growths. Unless your podiatrist is like, "Whoa." Then maybe go find a calico cat.

Calicos bring in the fat stacks.

Litter isn’t the only thing calicos are raking in. Sometimes called “money cats” in the U.S. due to the myth that calicos can be sold at top dollar. Breeding for calicos is near impossible as the genetic configuration is unpredictable, and most male cats are sterile and aren't really of any higher monetary value than other cats. But we think they're priceless :)

value of male calico


Calicos are officially official.

The calico cat became the official state cat of Maryland in 2001, chosen because the calico’s colors resemble that of an Oriole, Maryland’s state bird. The Maryland Orioles baseball team also wears these colors. 

Fluffy Elizabeth of Baltimore, above, won a division of the animal dress-up contest with her black-eyed-susan themed costume. 


A calico cat Patronus is the best Patronus.

calico cat patronus cats pottermore
Source: Pottermore 

Wait! What about tortoiseshell cats?

Don't worry, we didn't forget about them! Tortoiseshell, or tortie, cats are similar to calicos in that they too are mostly female. But their colorations are slightly different.

Tortoiseshell refers to the bicolor coat pattern that is almost entirely orange and black with very little to no white markings. A popular tortie you might recognize is Venus, the "two-faced cat." 

chimera cat turtle shell cat tortoiseshell vs calico cat


Admittedly, I don't have a calico (or tortie) to call my own. Do you? Feel free to comment below! We'd love to see more photos or hear tell of your beautiful, beloved kitties!

And if you have a kitty birthday or adoption day coming up for your favorite calico kitty, don't forget to treat them to a gift or two from our Under $10 section!



"Unadoptable" Stray Cat Rehabilitated by Rescuers Who Refused to Give Up February 21 2017, 9 Comments

In February 2016, Coconut was just another nameless, feral cat fighting for survival out on the cold, wintry streets of Boston.

feral cat colony tnr trap neuter release

Spotted by rescuers working for Boston’s Forgotten Felines (BFF), Coconut was captured on a TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Release) mission to a local feral cat colony. Joni Nelson, BFF’s founder and a seasoned cat rescuer for over 30 years, soon discovered that the all-white stray’s condition was worse than initially thought. It was clear he couldn’t simply be neutered and rereleased into his feral colony.

how to keep away feral cats

Coconut’s ears were torn and bloodied, his white coat matted and dirty, wary, blue eyes crusted and goopy. On top of that, he had a serious UTI, chronic diarrhea, a bad back leg and ear mites; Poor Coconut was a mess. But according to Joni Nelson, it wasn’t his appearance that made him “hard to like,” it was his nasty attitude.

cat rescue adopt a cat near me

At first, Coconut would hiss at anyone who came near him. Nelson struggled to give him medicine, clean his cage or even feed him; he would always lash out when she opened his cage.

Coconut wouldn’t lift his head all the way to look at anyone, and Nelson discovered Coconut was mostly blind and could likely only see shadows.

adopt cat near me grumpy cat

He was clearly a frightened cat who had never known love. Or, if he had known love, he'd been abandoned for so long (since the summer of 2015), that he had forgotten what love and affection truly was.

“Many people told me to put him to sleep, that he was unadoptable,” Nelson said. “I couldn't let him live his life in a cage, and I couldn't put him to sleep.”

It took months of dedication, care, and affection for Coconut to begin to finally feel safe. “It took a long time to get him to let me touch him. First just his head and only for a second or two.”

keep calm and love cat

Understanding Coconut’s hostility and fear dawned on Nelson when she discovered that he was deaf as well as mostly blind. “No wonder he was so nasty,” she said. “He was frightened and no one knows the torture he went through living on the streets for so long in that condition.”

how to tell if your cat is deaf

Sherri Deluca was Coconut’s first foster mom. It wasn’t easy, but Deluca helped further rehabilitate Coconut and put him closer to his finding forever home. “She never gave up on him,” Nelson says of Deluca. She even has “battle scars to prove it.” Nevertheless, she persisted.  

are white cats deaf



Soon, it was time for Coconut to spread his wings and learn of the rest of love and care that was out there awaiting him. He went to a new foster home, and after only one day of hiding under the bed, he seemed to relax. “He loves the attention,” says Nelson. 

rescue mom

Coconut has truly blossomed into a healthy, confident cat thanks to his rescue moms – and he’s quite the cuddly companion. “He purrs up a storm when being loved. He sleeps with [his foster mom] and cuddles.”

Coconut's transformation is truly incredible and shows just what love, safety, and attention can do for cats, like Coconut, who are desperately in need. 

turkish angora personality

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that almost 3 million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters each year, approximately 2.4 million (80%) are healthy and treatable and could have been adopted into new homes.

With numbers this alarming and a case as challenging as Coconut's, it’s akin to a miracle that Coconut didn’t become just another statistic; Coconut's miracle came in the form of the rescuers who gave him a chance when no one else would. But Coconut still needs one more miracle: to find a loving family to call his own.

turkish angora rescue

If you're interested in giving Coconut his forever home, please contact Boston's Forgotten Felines

You can find even more uplifting stories of rescue cats and their heroes in our new community, Cats Club!


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h/t The Dodo

Written By: Cortney Licata

Treat Yourself to These Photos of Hot Guys with Kittens February 10 2017, 3 Comments

Just a hunk, a hunk of purring love!
Do you like cats? How about hot guys? Well, friends, have an early Valentine’s Day treat, à la Meowingtons. Treat yourself to an eye candy buffet, chock-full of some aesthetically pleasing gentlemen holding even more adorable cats. It's time these crazy cat dudes get some appreciation. Move over, Magic Mike, and say hello to Magic Me-ow

andre hamann men and their cats worst photos of men and their cats
These guys really know how to work a camera. They’ve got that “Blue Steel” look on lock. Remember to smize, boys!


blue steel zoolander
Phantom of the Opurra, anyone? If these two mysteriously appeared out of the shadows to serenade me with the sweet, sweet music of the night, I’d let them at least finish the song. It’s rude to interrupt, right? Yeah. Right?

Is it getting hot in here, or is that just the global warming? Either way, call the fire department ‘cause this fireman and his fluffy firehouse cat has got me feeling' a li’l warm under the collar.

absolute worst pictures of men and cats
This kind, handsome boy is clearly wearing those killer shades to shield his eyes from the sheer brilliance radiating from his British Shorthair.

men and cats tumblr
He’s color coordinating with his cat, which, might I add, is wearing that bow tie to perfection? Need I say more?

cute guys instagram
Nothing says, “I love you, bro” like a nose bump, bro.

hot men and cats
This hunk is really embracing his inner feline and, boy, is he working those soft, fluffy ears. The guy doesn’t look half bad either.

men and their cats
Who needs a scarf (or a, um, shirt) when you’ve got a perfectly shaped, perfectly draped cat friend?

hot guys with cats real men love cats

Oh, the secrets you’ll learn when ogling rustic cowboys in their natural environs. Ten-gallon hats also double as efficient kitten holders. That leaves two free arms to hug you!


I wouldn’t mind being wrapped up in that purrito.

purritos cuddling
It isn't all just about looks, you gotta hit the books! Even these fuzzy bedfellows know reading is fundamental.

college humor cats

Catnaps are also fundamental, and these three can keep you warm with their lustrous fur. Watch out for tickly whiskers, though.

beards hipster manbuns
Okay, this just isn’t fair. This picture gave me a serious case of the “warm and fuzzies” and also melted all of the chocolate I already bought myself.

Is anyone else getting sleepy?
men and their cats
Wakey, wakey, it's time for cuddles!
valentines day gifts for him

And sweet kitty kisses (Shh, I'm not crying, you're crying.)
funny cat pictures

You know this is a healthy, strong boy. He can hold two cats at once. I’m sure I could hop in his arms and he’d carry all three of us off into the sunset without even breaking a sweat.
guys of instagram

Why he scream? Hmm. I guess I'd probably scream too if I woke up staring into those beautiful eyes. But like a good scream, though, like "Hah! See, Mom! I told you I'd hook one someday!"
why he scream tumblr

When your cat is really feeling the Bern.

feel the bern birdie sanders meme

Image Source: Instagram / @hotdudeswithkittens
Written By: Cortney Licata
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Rescued Tabby Adopts Seniors in Retirement Community January 31 2017, 1 Comment

“In some ways, it wasn’t Bayview who rescued Pickles. Mr. Pickles rescued us.”

 Meet Mr. Pickles: a plump, retired tabby cat who grabbed life with his own two paws and chose to live it up in the lap of luxury – and in the laps of folks from the Bayview Retirement Community. Mr. Pickles was a neighborhood cat that wandered his way into the Seattle-based retirement community some 8 years ago.

mr pickles senior cat therapy cat

For almost a year before Bayview became his forever home, the mysterious Mr. Pickles would take it upon himself to tour the grounds looking for some good food, some good company, and a warm fireplace by which to warm his chilly toe beans in the winter.

toe beans cute cats cuddling cats

A true master of his own destiny, Mr. Pickles strode about as if he owned the place. He knew all the folks who would give him treats and came to learn the ins and outs of the retirement community. The ingenious Mr. Pickles even figured out how to get the automatic front doors to do his bidding so he could come and go as he pleased.

fat cat grumpy cat

Sue Donovan, Bayview’s Director of Marketing, said that a man came in one day saying, “You don’t know me, but you know my cat, Mr. Pickles.” He then asked if they would like to keep Mr. Pickles, as he had been in and out of the hospital and was now moving away and couldn’t properly care for the cat. The staff and residents of Bayview gladly accepted. The charming Mr. Pickles (who had already made himself at home) has been with them ever since.

knitting cat patterns adopted catMr. Pickles showing off his new cap, knitted by resident Dottie (Source)

In the years since Mr. Pickles has become an official resident of Bayview, he has become a bona fide therapy cat. Mr. Pickles, along with Bayview’s other therapy cat, Frankie “Blue Eyes”, brings company, joy and purpose to the senior residents most in need.

Therapy animals can give seniors living on their own or in retirement communities a renewed sense of purpose and a feeling of being needed. The unconditional love a cat like Mr. Pickles brings to Bayview can be essential to the happiness of its residents.

  frank sinatra blue eyes therapy cat emotional support animalFrankie "Blue Eyes", one of the other therapy cats at Bayview

Mr. Pickles has a way with almost all the residents, even getting the most reserved and quiet of people to open right up: As Donovan said, “I’ve seen people who don’t like people talk only to Mr. Pickles.”

 cat poster cat art cat painting rescue cat art

Mr. Pickles stays most nights in the apartment of Marion Watanabe, his primary caretaker. "He's such a friendly little cat," Says Marion. "He stays in this apartment all night, sleeps here on top of my bed. In the morning when I wake up, he's usually in my bed. He comes up and taps my face to let me know he's there." 

rescue cat adopt a cat seniors and cats

In the mornings, Mr. Pickles and Marion make their way down to the first floor, and Mr. Pickles starts his day his way.

just dill with it just deal with it meme"Just dill with it." - Mr. Pickles 

These days, Mr. Pickles all but owns the first floor, confidently striding through the halls, greeting residents and maybe taking a few treats here and there, perhaps taking a stroll through gardens outside for a nap in the warm sun. Mr. Pickles is a cat that relishes his chosen life, and he’s not wasting a single moment - or a single pat.

 meowingtons cat gifts valentines day

They say the grass is always greener on the other side – and this time, it turned out to be true. Mr. Pickles sure picked the perfect patch of greener grass to call home.



Written By: Cortney Licata



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How to Make 2017 The Best Year Yet November 30 2016, 0 Comments

 This weekend only this planner is on sale for $18.90 get yours before it is gone! 

Meowingtons designed a limited edition Purr Planner for creative kitty lovers like yourself. No matter what your goals are, this planner will help you stay organized while also keeping a huge smile on your face. 
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