Rescued Tabby Adopts Seniors in Retirement Community

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“In some ways, it wasn’t Bayview who rescued Pickles. Mr. Pickles rescued us.”

 Meet Mr. Pickles: a plump, retired tabby cat who grabbed life with his own two paws and chose to live it up in the lap of luxury – and in the laps of folks from the Bayview Retirement Community. Mr. Pickles was a neighborhood cat that wandered his way into the Seattle-based retirement community some 8 years ago.

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For almost a year before Bayview became his forever home, the mysterious Mr. Pickles would take it upon himself to tour the grounds looking for some good food, some good company, and a warm fireplace by which to warm his chilly toe beans in the winter.

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A true master of his own destiny, Mr. Pickles strode about as if he owned the place. He knew all the folks who would give him treats and came to learn the ins and outs of the retirement community. The ingenious Mr. Pickles even figured out how to get the automatic front doors to do his bidding so he could come and go as he pleased.

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Sue Donovan, Bayview’s Director of Marketing, said that a man came in one day saying, “You don’t know me, but you know my cat, Mr. Pickles.” He then asked if they would like to keep Mr. Pickles, as he had been in and out of the hospital and was now moving away and couldn’t properly care for the cat. The staff and residents of Bayview gladly accepted. The charming Mr. Pickles (who had already made himself at home) has been with them ever since.

knitting cat patterns adopted catMr. Pickles showing off his new cap, knitted by resident Dottie (Source)

In the years since Mr. Pickles has become an official resident of Bayview, he has become a bona fide therapy cat. Mr. Pickles, along with Bayview’s other therapy cat, Frankie “Blue Eyes”, brings company, joy and purpose to the senior residents most in need.

Therapy animals can give seniors living on their own or in retirement communities a renewed sense of purpose and a feeling of being needed. The unconditional love a cat like Mr. Pickles brings to Bayview can be essential to the happiness of its residents.

  frank sinatra blue eyes therapy cat emotional support animalFrankie "Blue Eyes", one of the other therapy cats at Bayview

Mr. Pickles has a way with almost all the residents, even getting the most reserved and quiet of people to open right up: As Donovan said, “I’ve seen people who don’t like people talk only to Mr. Pickles.”

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Mr. Pickles stays most nights in the apartment of Marion Watanabe, his primary caretaker. "He's such a friendly little cat," Says Marion. "He stays in this apartment all night, sleeps here on top of my bed. In the morning when I wake up, he's usually in my bed. He comes up and taps my face to let me know he's there." 

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In the mornings, Mr. Pickles and Marion make their way down to the first floor, and Mr. Pickles starts his day his way.

just dill with it just deal with it meme"Just dill with it." - Mr. Pickles 

These days, Mr. Pickles all but owns the first floor, confidently striding through the halls, greeting residents and maybe taking a few treats here and there, perhaps taking a stroll through gardens outside for a nap in the warm sun. Mr. Pickles is a cat that relishes his chosen life, and he’s not wasting a single moment - or a single pat.

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They say the grass is always greener on the other side – and this time, it turned out to be true. Mr. Pickles sure picked the perfect patch of greener grass to call home.



Written By: Cortney Licata



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  • Brenda M Beasley

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I am in love with Mr. Pickles and everyone at Bayview…..what an amazing place. I have my own version of Mr. Pickles in my Kitty Boo II! He is my constant companion and I love him dearly.

    Thank you for sharing Mr. Pickles with us, your subscribers!


    Brenda & Boo

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