Super Chill Ukrainian Cat Stepan Is Now Safe In France With His Humans


Stepan, the Instagram and TikTok famous and super chill Ukrainian cat, has made it safely to France with his humans.

From Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine, Stepan has a million TikTok and over 1 million Instagram followers and is now promoting local and international brands. His rise to fame started during the Covid-19 pandemic when millions related to Stepan’s home alone parties.

“Stepan loves to sit in that chair and often falls asleep there. When I shoot it, it comes out funny – all I need is to keep changing the glasses,” his owner Hanna told TJ Media.

One of Stepan’s home alone videos reached over 27 million views in a few days. In it, he has a glass of wine, cake and Stevie Wonder’s “I just Called to Say I Love You” is playing in the background. Stepan’s popularity skyrocketed when singer Britney Spears reposted one of his Instagram videos.

On the morning of February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine, changing the lives of millions there. Stepan and his humans stayed in their home as they watched their city burn and their building hit by Russian artillery.

Eventually Stepan and his humans were able to cross the border into Poland after 9 hours of waiting in lines of thousands fleeing Ukranian borders. Aided by the World Influencers and Bloggers Association from Monaco, Stepan and his family finally made their way to France where they are now safe







  • sally godwin

    So relieved to hear you are safe in France. Good Luck from Scotland. The whole world is thinking of you; sending you Strength.

  • Catherine Owens

    I am glad stefan and his human family survived trip out of ukraine it must been awful ordeal for family and a pet that is very smart and knows something is wrong he is loved by so many and so glad he made it to safety .so many poor pets are being rescued over there so nice to hear it’s awful situation I pray war will end and no one has to die . Hope stefan and family be happy in France and feel safety so nice to know organizations out there to help pets people in need

  • Wendy Emms


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