VIDEO: Smart Kitty Comes to the Rescue of Locked-Out Owner

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Cats tend to get a bad rap for being uncaring, aloof creatures who don't have the time of day for their humans. Cat owners know this to be soundly untrue. Some people think that compared to dogs, cats aren't loyal, or useful. But one clever feline by the name of Boko is making great strides in showing the world that cats are all of the above!

Boko might seem like your ordinary tabby, but he saved the day when his owner was accidentally locked out of her home. Front door? Locked. Back door? Locked. Until Boko came around! Watch below as Boko purrfectly orchestrates a skillful unlocking of a sliding glass door. 



Boko managed to slide the wooden bar free and let his owner, Gabby Tropea, inside. The next time someone asks you why cats are so great, or "what's the point of having a cat," show them this clip of Boko. 

It turns out that cats are pros at getting doors open ... Who knew? The proof is in the Tweets!



Some have to jump ...


Others just have to stand up. 

And some cats don't like the idea of being spied on. 




But these cats had it easy - the doors were unlocked. We think Boko's still got this one in hand.

Do your cats have any unique skills? Let us know in the comments! 


1 comment

  • Jean Jenn

    ALL of our door handles are this type…..and Brodie (neutered male cat) has, on occasion, opened them. For some reason he doesn’t do it all the time or use it to get outside.

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