Kittens in Slow Motion Are Possibly The Best Thing Ever

A round of applause, if you will, for the "Slow Mo Guys," who have captured what is possibly the cutest slow-mo footage to ever exist: Kittens. In slow motion.     

Known as "The Slow Mo Guys," Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy have given us a molasses-like montage of "lovely, fluffy, soft" and undeniably adorable kittens - in 4K. We're pretty sure this is just the Slow Mo Guys' excuse to play with kittens (and in one scene, be completely covered in kittens #thedream.) But who can blame them? 

Check out the admittedly entrancing video below! There are some amazing action shots - including a few kitten-on-kitten bodyslams! 

The Slow Mo guys aren't strangers to capturing those of the feline variety in slow mo! Check out their video from a few years ago of their rotund cat, Lloyd, jumping straight up a fence in a feline feat of purrkour. (Jump starts at around 0:44!) 


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