Introducing Ultra-Modern Cat Trees You AND Your Cat Will Love


Please Note: This is an older blog post. We have new iterations of these modern cat trees available now in our Cat Tree collection!

The Meowingtons team is excited to introduce our line of brand new, ultra-modern cat trees - designed not only to satisfy all your cat's needs but to accentuate and elevate your home decor.  

A piece of art in your home. 

An innovation in modern cat furniture, each unique cat tower is a blend of cat-friendly engineering and aesthetic, designed to be more than just a cat tree: it is a piece of art in your home. Gone are the days of cat trees sticking out like a sore thumb!  


Each tree is designed to satisfy your cat's needs to scratch, perch, play, and of course, cat nap! 

Our trees are crafted to appeal to your cat's natural instincts: scratchable surfaces, high perches, and cozy hideaways hidden amongst streamlined design. Featuring accents such as stiff, heavy-duty felt pads and Sisal scratching mats, the trees offer durability - and easy cleaning with removable pads!  

High-quality materials at affordable prices.

The trees are crafted from real wood to ensure ultimate durability and stability, foregoing the pressboard of most carpeted cat trees - at a price point that won't break the bank!  

Purrfect for multi-cat homes. 

Each tree is designed to hold cats up to 32 pounds, crafted to support multiple cats at once. 

Click Below to Order Yours Today!  



  • Ames

    It says “click below to pre-order”, but when I click it doesn’t show most of these trees. Also, I clicked a link on your blog page that promised 20% off with code ‘HAPPY20’, when I entered it for checkout I was asked to use a valid code. Either remove the code from the ad, or honor it.

  • Danielle

    How much is the all wood tree tower ?

  • Laura Saladino

    I love the wooden tree design for it’s beauty and the exercise and fun my cats would have. Can I afford it?

  • Z Lawrence

    Request price and shipping cost to Florida. Also estimated shipping time. Thanks

  • Dianna Bailey

    What weights do the cat tree perches hold safely? (hopefully 15+ pounds)?
    Since Dec 7th is PASSED does this still require preorders?
    Is shipping FREE?

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