10 Sacrifices All Cat Owners Eventually Make

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1. Any semblance of personal space.


2. Going to the bathroom alone? Forget it! 

3. The ability to read more than one chapter of a book at a time.

4. Having unencumbered access to your computer.

5. Being able to wear anything black. 

Personally, we like to rock the cat hair, don't care look



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♬ Witchy Woman - 2007 Remaster - The Hollies



6. Sacrificing your home decor #aesthetic for old cardboard boxes because your cat loves it.

Cat furniture doesn't have to be an eyesore. Shop our designer cat trees & towers

7. Keeping any door closed for a prolonged period of time.

8. Getting a full night's sleep.

9. Leaving drinks unattended.

10. Being able to keep anything on the counter or table. 

But you know in the end, all the sacrifices are worth it! 


1 comment

  • Jennifer

    I love my two baby’s! The 10 things you’ll eventually do are correct. I still never shut the door on them though! They sleep in a different room & wont come near me untill breakfast time.

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