Rescued Kittens Grow Up With An Unlikely Best Friend: Ultraman

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When a Japanese family rescued an orphaned kitten and nursed him back to health with round-the-clock care, they never thought their new little buddy would take the Internet by storm.


They named the little ginger Koma. At only three days old, the tiny kitten hadn't even opened his eyes yet.



His new parents decided that little Koma needed a protector, someone to stick by his side as they documented his progress through kittenhood. They settled on only the best for their little kitten, a true superhero: Ultraman.



Koma's owners did such an amazing job posing the Ultraman toy with Koma that the toy actually seems to evoke emotion. You can almost suspend reality, and for a moment, Ultraman is real. 




Ultraman, a Japanese superhero, is supposed to be tasked with protecting Earth from invading monsters and aliens. One could say that protecting a tiny, helpless kitten is equally as important, if not more so. 


When Koma's eyes finally opened, Ultraman was right there to help the little ginger learn how to walk ... 



Koma's fur parents ensured that Ultraman was there to watch over his best bud during those crucial catnaps. 





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As the days passed and Koma grew larger, Ultraman stayed the same size. But their adorable make-believe friendship stayed the same.  








Koma and his BFF, Ultraman, still spend hours napping together. 






But recently, Koma and his beloved toy had to make room for the newest member of their family, 5-month-old rescue kitty Hachi. 






Hachi didn't seem to mind the idea of having a "hand-me-down" toy. Even though Ultraman is awful small, it seems there is more than enough of him to go around.





The two happy, healthy rescue cats spend their days cuddling up and posing for even more adorable photos with their favorite superhero toy. 




And celebrating their new lives in their forever home! 




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[h/t LoveMeow - Photos: @komagram2015]

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  • Susan

    This is such a heartwarming story! Kawaii!!!!!!!!!

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