Medieval Cat Paintings That Perfectly Sum Up 2020 August 13 2020, 1 Comment

This "cat" is all of us in 2020. 


Day ??? of Quarantine ...  

"I'm going to use this time at home to finally have that healthy diet!"

Two days later: 

Fernando Botero, The Great Cat  (Disclaimer: This is Not a Medieval Painting but it's a #Mood)


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When you can finally go back outside ...

Fernando Botero, The Cat


But people don't wear their masks.

*sadly* "Anyway, here's Wonderwall."

Cat Checklist: Very round? Check. Cute li'l paws? Check. A face resembling anything remotely feline? ... We'll get back to you.  

What grocery shopping feels like these days. 

Honestly, a cat and bird could jetpack past my window and at this point, I wouldn't even bat an eye. #2020


Some of us have found new religion.

Some of us spend all the extra time at home training our cats to help with the housework.  

You start to see new meaning even in the most innocent things. Is this just a cat licking its butt? Or is it Ouroboros?

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